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Surf Camp & Lessons

Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are given on the best local beaches that provide the ideal conditions for beginner and/or intermediate surfers. The main beaches where we provide lessons are Playa Remanso, Playa Maderas and Playa Hermosa. Beginner surf lessons are offered daily as part of a group. Private lessons can also be arranged. Maximum 3 students per instructor.

A beginner lesson consists of both theory and actual practice where you take part in a few exercises on the beach before actually getting into the water. While in the water you will have assistance from your instructor and/or helpers.

An intermediate lesson is a great refresher experience for those who have surfed before and want to work on their technique and get more practice. The majority of this class takes place in the water, though before paddling out your instructor will highlight the techniques that will be demonstrated as well as basic safety tips.

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Surf Camp

Our surf camp is designed for beginners and/or intermediate surfers who want to immerse themselves in surfing and/or spend their days in the water and visit different beaches around San Juan del Sur. Spend three days learning to surf and practice your skills at various local surf spots (dependent on current local surf conditions).

Our surf camp is offered for a minimum of three days and has the flexibly to accommodate those who wish to do it for a longer duration. We also offer lodging at our guesthouse as part of a surf camp package. Please inquire about availability at the guesthouse if you wish to make this a part of your experience.

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